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Cold email subject lines: the secrets of success from the practice of marketers

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So, you have created the right email for the newsletter. It has unique content and good, catchy content. But here is trouble – there are problems again. To learn more about how to compose the right subjects for “cold” emails and other advertising and motivational messages, read this publication by experts from the Reply.io service. They give an extensive overview of the possibilities and warn against obvious mistakes in cold email subject lines.

But we’re going to discuss quite harmless things that not everyone takes into account when creating texts of mailing topics. Because of such mistakes, it often happens:

  • the letter gets caught in the spam filter at the stage of the mailing service;
  • a “filter” is activated by the user;
  • the mail may get into the “gray” zone of user interests and never come out of it.

Let’s talk about the simplest and, unfortunately, most common problems with mailing lists when it comes to composing the subject of a message.

Errors “kill” effectiveness

Don’t rush to send an email if the subject line has not been checked carefully for errors and typos. This is one of the fundamentals of good e-marketing. You should always double-check spelling errors and follow correct punctuation.

It may seem like a simple typo will do the trick. But in fact, it will be noticeable to the recipient. And it is it, not the content of a quality commercial proposal, that will make the recipients question the professionalism of the sender. In fact, it is a demonstration of negligence in communicating with a potential buyer. Psychologists say that the potential buyer “guesses” the future course of events and believes that the sender will treat the money and resources, which the buyer will invest in the purchased goods or services, in the same way. And so, he refuses to cooperate.

Even though this pattern of thinking is false in itself, it works for more than half of the users. Only no more than 5% can try to figure out the reason for the error and even make a request to the author about the correctness of the spelling of the word or the meaning of the concept. This is mostly done by very motivated leads, who should be contacted and thanked for the correction.

Smiley faces? Think twice!

And one more important note. Including emoticons in the subject line is not always a good thing. Yes, there are positive research results that say 56% of brands that include emoticons in the subject line get higher click-through rates.

Nevertheless, you must be careful with these graphic elements.

Unlike letters and numbers, some emoticons are not standardized. They may appear differently depending on the recipient’s device and the system used in the gadget. And some may even be interpreted as some sort of spam element. And instead of improved discoverability, you can get banned by the mail delivery service or the user himself.

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