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Dive into Features, Reviews, and Design Specs for Culinary Perfection of BBQs 2u’s New Offer

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BBQs 2u has become prominent in the UK by serving delicious pizzas and grilled foods to its clients in the UK for many years. This family business is quite passionate about these foods.

These days, BBQs 2u is selling pizza ovens of many different brands, and Gozney Roccbox Olive is also one of them.

Gozney Roccbox – A Portable Pizza Oven Perfection

BBQs 2u has tied up with Gozney Roccbox, which offers a portable pizza oven to offer you a unique cooking experience. You can bake pizzas, which will offer a taste of real wood-fired foods.

This is a perfect oven if you want to cook pizzas for any outdoor parties. You can easily make tasty foods by taking advantage of its stylish design and cutting-edge technology.

1.     Versatility Redefined

In addition to producing amazing pizzas, Roccbox is adaptable enough to prepare a wide range of foods, including

  • Bread
  • Roast meats
  • Veggies
  • Sweets

Using this multifunctional oven, unleash your creative cooking potential.

2.     Portability and Convenience

Roccbox is very portable due to its small size and lightweight design. You may easily move it around your backyard or take it camping or to picnics. Transporting the item is made hassle-free with the carry strap included.

Gozney Roccbox Product review

The Gozney Roccbox revolutionizes outdoor dining with its restaurant-grade movable pizza oven. Elevate your garden parties with authentic Neapolitan pizzas cooked at an astounding 500°C in just 60 seconds.

Its unique design, engineered dome shape, baffle-plate technology and high-ceiling ensure a perfect rolling flame, giving true wood-fired oven results. The portable Roccbox features:

  • Retractable legs
  • A detachable burner
  • A built-in thermometer.

With a thick stone floor and dense insulation, it achieves simultaneous top and bottom cooking, delivering flawlessly cooked toppings and bases for the ultimate pizza experience.

Key Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Burner system that can be detached to switch between wood and gas
  • Retractable legs
  • Ignition and flame regulation dial

Also includes

  • Pro Grade Pizza Peel
  • Roccbox Stone Floored Pizza Oven
  • Bottle Opener
  • Manual

Experience the perfection of true Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds with the Roccbox, a restaurant-grade, portable pizza oven. Simple setup in minutes and rapid cooking ensure an effortless process.

The gas burner, engineered to mimic a genuine wood flame, achieves incredible temperatures of 500°C with a simple turn of a dial.

Design and specs

The Roccbox Pizza Oven features a portable design with a domed top on a foldable three-legged base, facilitating easy carrying and storage. Capable of accommodating a 12-inch pizza, it includes a thermometer displaying temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

With extended legs, the oven stands at approximately a foot and a half tall. Equipped for both wood-burning and gas fuel, it comes with attachments, a metal pizza peel, a bottle opener, and a user manual. Regardless of the fuel source, the oven achieves temperatures ranging from 300 to 930 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to be updated with BBQs 2u products?

Follow BBQs 2u on Twitter to receive updates on the release of new products, sales, discounts, package offers, accessories, and much more.

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