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Hiring a CPA- Things to Understand Before Hiring the Best One

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A CPA is an integral part of any company because he handles the vital ingredient of any business i.e., finances. If any company wants to grow, its finances need to be streamlined and well-organized. If the company fails to do so, it is likely that the business will fail too. Hiring a CPA in Bluffton, SC needs the business owner to understand what his roles are in the company and his charges. Many a time, business owners get confused about an accountant and a CPA. 

Duties of a CPA

If you want to hire a CPA, you should know how can he contribute to the success of the company. Some of his duties have been discussed below:

Tax planning, filing, and advisory services

These professionals are able to handle all tax-related activities such as tax preparation, planning, and filing. They ensure that all deadlines are met to avoid any penalties and auditing. This way, the company’s reputation will also be improved.

Consultation services

A CPA can also offer advisory services at the time of budgeting, financial planning, business expansion, and risk management. He can also suggest whether it is the time to hire new employees, launch new products or services, and add contractors. Since he handles the financial activities of a company, he can suggest the best way to deal with finances.

Payroll services  

Keeping details of employees, salary packages, leaves, and others can be handled using payroll accounting software. However, if you have not set up one of them, a CPA is able to do so as per the business requirements. He ensures that the platform works for your company’s systems.

Forensic Accounting 

Many people are unaware of the fact that these professionals can detect fraudulent activities within the company and work with financial bodies to rule out the possibility of any fraud. They can ensure that the data of the company is safe and secure. 


If you have not hired any bookkeeper for your company, you can get this task done with the help of a CPA. They can create and maintain financial bools to keep your financial data organized. If the data is accurate, the chances of financial mistakes are reduced to a great extent.

Salary of a CPA

Depending on the qualifications and experience, a CPA may ask for a salary package. Some of the charges are based on his hourly rates, paperwork fees, and administrative fees.  

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