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Search Engine Optimisation Explained

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We all know what a search engine is and what it is used for and when you consider that millions of consumers search for products and services, it does kind of make sense to have your website fully optimised for Google searches. Google is very secretive about the complex algorithms it uses when carrying out searches, but an experienced SEO technician would know enough to boost your site’s rankings within specific Google searches.

Specific Keywords

The secret to successful SEO is actually knowing the popular search terms that are used by the consumer, which the SEO technician can discover and by adding these phrases to the client’s website, Google automatically ranks the platform highly, thanks to the specific keyword insertion. The same company that provides Google Adwords in Perth also optimises client websites to improve their ranking and this really does drive traffic to your web platform.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Every industry is highly competitive and they are all doing what they can to improve their online profile and the best way to do that is make contact with a leading Australian digital marketing agency. They would carry out a detailed online audit of your digital profile, noting the strengths and weaknesses and this information enables them to put together a digital marketing plan that is designed around your business.

Understanding Google’s Algorithms

Google sends out tiny bots to crawl the World Wide Web and this data is used to rank websites according to the search terms. Google has preferences and things that it does not like, which is why the SEO technician is able to boost rankings within specific search terms and they use several strategies to achieve this.

Video Content

Google not only recognises video content, it actually awards points when sites have video content and the SEO specialist would no doubt recommend revamping your website, in such a way that Google would pay positive attention, thus improving rankings within searches.

Ongoing Service

When commissioning SEO services, you must understand that this needs to be ongoing; due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, with content appearing and disappearing daily. If your site is on page 3 today, it could easily drop to page 10 in a week.

It might take a few months to really push your platform into the top search results and changes only happen after the bot crawl, which might take place every 2-3 weeks.

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