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What are the Benefits of Using Gamification in Mobile Marketing?

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Gamification is a technique of integrating elements of gaming like point scoring, rules of play and competition with others in marketing content for encouraging the customer engagement with the company. Making the use of gamification in marketing triggers motivations in humans for keeping the customers returning to your business for more.

This is usually integrated in educational content for motivating users to trigger a sense of achievement when they are learning. But it becomes more powerful when used as a tool for boosting customer engagement and reward loyalty. When gamification becomes successful, people relate it to the sense of having fun and boosting your business which makes them a part of your brand. When they want to feel good, they will keep coming back to you for more. This establishes a sense of loyalty that boosts your revenue as well. You may need to hire a marketing agency Singapore to handle such technical aspects, if you don’t have a dedicated team for the same.

Benefits of gamification in mobile marketing

  1. It boosts audience engagement

A study claims that integrating gamification elements to a website boosts the commenting by 13 percent, social sharing by 22 percent and content search by 68 percent.

  1. Targets the main customers

This is interesting for those born in digital age. They get the bite sized, easily understandable and engaging pieces of visual content. It gives an extra edge to your brand when targeting such customers.

  1. Influencing customer behaviour

This also influences customer behaviour in fin way. The elements can be subtle which impacts the buying decisions too/

  1. Capturing powerful customer data

This is one of the biggest benefits and helps in generating useful insights for your target audience and performance of your campaigns and ads. You can gather customer behaviour, contact details, performance metrics and a lot more

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